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Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose 2011

Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose 2011

03/07/11 05:20:50
By: Yhoga Dheviant
The limited summer refreshment Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose was launched in 2009 as a lighter version of the famous perfume Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. This year, the new summer edition of the same name is announced—Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose 2011, as a light and playful sour-sweet version of the original.

Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose 2011 is still a fragrance that exudes floral explosion, but its composition is refreshed with invigorating fruity and spicy notes that match the hot summer climate. Opening up with sparkling notes of bergamot, mandarin and pink pepper, the perfume develops with powdery and rich heart notes of rose, lily of the valley, red fruits, raspberries and sugared almonds. The voluptuous, slightly oriental, perfume base brings glamour with patchouli, amber and cashmere wood.

Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, pink pepper
Heart: rose, lily of the valley, red fruits, raspberry, candied almonds
Base: amber, patchouli, cashmere

The signature bottle, designed to resemble a hand grenade, is transparent and colored in shades of pink ranging from light to dark nuances. The perfume is available as 50 ml Eau de Toilette, expected in April this year.

Kenzo L’Eau par Kenzo Wild and L’Eau par Kenzo Wild Pour Homme

Kenzo L’Eau par Kenzo Wild and L’Eau par Kenzo Wild Pour Homme

03/10/11 01:39:51
By: Yhoga Dheviant
Continuing with variations on the theme of the original fragrances L'Eau Par Kenzo (1996) and L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme (1999), Kenzo introduces two new limited summer perfumes for 2011—L'Eau par Kenzo Wild and L'Eau par Kenzo Wild pour Homme. These new fragrances symbolize the spirit of liberty, bursting with wild and energetic notes.

L'Eau Par Kenzo Wild explodes with sparkling and fresh floral-fruity aromas. Top notes of mandarin, green lilac, wild mint and bois de roseau are followed by floral notes of jasmine, amaryllis and lotus with spicy Guinea pepper and juicy white peach. The warm base is composed of vanilla, musk flower and blue cedar.

Top notes: mandarin, mint, lilac, cane
Heart: jasmine, amaryllis, lotus, Guinea pepper, peaches
Base: vanilla, musk flower, blue cedar

L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme Wild is a refreshing aromatic-spicy fragrance, vivid like a wild waterfall. It starts with dynamic top notes of lemon, ginger and coriander, leading to the core of exciting fresh mint, cardamom and sage. Noble notes of cedar wood and white musk complete the composition.

Top notes: lemon, ginger, coriander
Heart: mint, cardamom, sage
Base: cedar, white musk

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daftar Harga Parfum Kemasan

Daftar Harga Parfum Kemasan

Kemasan 10ml :
  • Harga Satuan : Rp 10.000
Kemasan 15ml :
  • Harga Satuan : Rp 15.000
  • Harga Paket (5 botol) : Rp 70.000
Kemasan 25ml :
  • Harga Satuan : Rp 30.000
  • Harga Paket (5 botol) : Rp 125.000

Kemasan 30ml :
  • Harga Satuan : Rp 30.000
  • Harga Paket (5 botol) : Rp 125.000

Kemasan 35ml :
  • Harga Satuan : Rp 35.000
  • Harga Paket (5 botol) : Rp 150.000

Kemasan 50ml :
  • Harga Satuan : Rp 50.000
  • Harga Paket (5 botol) : Rp 225.000

Kemasan 75ml :
  • Harga Satuan : Rp 75.000
  • Harga Paket (5 botol) : Rp 350.000

Kemasan 100ml :
  • Harga Satuan : Rp 90.000
  • Harga Paket (5 botol) : Rp 425.000

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Paris Premieres Roses 2011

Another limited edition of fragrances by Yves Saint Laurent hits the shelves of perfumeries. The new limited version of Paris attracts attention with a romantic flacon colored in pink and rose flowers on the outer carton.

The sophisticated floral fragrance Paris Premieres Roses hides in 125 ml flacons. It is composed of lily of the valley and Centifolia rose, which open the heart of the composition skillfully created of orange blossom, wild pink rose, gentle peony and violets. The richness of fragrant petals is supported with warm and creamy nuances of musk and sandalwood in the base of the perfume.

The new limited version of a romantic Parisian spring bouquet will be available from April 2011, as 125 ml EDT legere version. Recommended price: 70 EUR.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thierry Mugler Alien Sunessence Edition Limitee 2011 Or d`Ambre

Thierry Mugler Alien Sunessence Edition Limitee 2011 Or d`Ambre arrives on the market, providing us with a trio of wealth: the wealth of vitamins, the wealth of the exotic, and the enchanting wealth of warmth!

At a first glance, the whole concept promises and tempts with the glittering shades of the flacon, just like the essence it conceals inside. The top notes of Sunessence Alien Edition 2011 Limitee Or d'Ambre offer bright and fresh vitamin flavors of kiwi and tonic, a refreshing cocktail that invigorates and stimulates the senses just like the energy of the sun.
The heart of the fragrance is exotic and overwhelming. The wealth of the heart disarms by its feminine and sensual scents of vanilla and Stanhopea orchid  flowers. The blend of these notes evokes the sunset delights of an exotic garden. The base notes provide a fascinating wealth of amber and woody accords, leaving a gentle trail of fortune, just like a warm touch of sunshine.

Top notes: kiwi, tonic
Heart notes: vanilla, Stanhopea orchid
Base notes: amber, woodsy accord

The new bottle is a true solar gem. The iridescent flacon shines and glitters in a spectrum of colors from gold and orange to bright pink with a shiny, pearly glow. The additional effects on the bottle evoke the amber syrup, which refines this fragrance, making it even more beautiful and rich. The fragrance will be available from April 1, 2011, as a 60 ml EDT, in a limited edition. The manufacturer’s recommended price is €58.

Paco Rabanne Expands His Collections 1 Million and Lady Million

After gift sets created for Valentine's Day, Paco Rabanne expands his line with new fragrant treats. The 1 Million and Lady Million collections are joined by a miniature flacon for the men's version and a solid perfume in a beautiful package for women.
1 Million is a fragrance for men introduced in 2008 and its collection includes flacons of 50 and 100 ml EDT, as well as an accompanying body care program. In the meantime, a luxurious collection was presented in luxurious coffret, and the latest edition is ideal for those who always have their fragrance near them.
The new product is a 20 ml flacon which arrives as golden bullion concealing a glass spray flacon. The new flacon is aimed at travelers who use fragrances every day, since the golden bullion was created to protect the flacon from spills and impact. Vaporisateur de voyage 1 Million 20 ml will be available for 39 €.

1 Million:
grapefruit, red orange, mint
rose, cinnamon, spices
patchouli, light leather, amber, wood

Lady Million:
neroli, lemon, raspberry
orange blossom, Sambac jasmine, gardenia
honey, patchouli

Fragrance for women Lady Million was introduced in 2010. The collection encompasses 30, 50 and 80 ml EDP. On top of the popular perfume, the collection includes body care products. The new edition will thrill all fans of solid perfumes in interesting packages.

Concrete parfumee Lady Million 2 grams is available in a golden diamond-shaped package. Solid perfume Lady Million hides in the package and is available for a recommended price of 45 EUR.